About Me

I am both student and teacher and these roles define my path. 

I make no apologies for this, nor do I see it as a contradiction. I have always felt that the path to enlightenment lies somewhere between a book and the power of an exceptional teacher. 

Having walked the halls of academia, the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and the aisles of hundreds of churches, I think I have learned much about how a deeper understanding of our spiritual selves can be of great value to our lives. I have chosen this as my ministry. 

During my many years as a student of religion, to include a Master of Christian Education, I also learned that unshared knowledge is nearly worthless and truthfully, a rather selfish pursuit. Now, I realize that my journey is one of creating a “third space” where the energy of two can create a new oneness. 

It is a feeling that they can carry with them as they face the challenges of life and can conquer obstacles with the joy that togetherness brings. It is a space of happiness and joy and this is why I have chosen to help kindred spirits officially join their lives together.

My religious journey from baptism through graduate school has also taught me that there is no single path to anything of value.

Having spent the last 29 years as a student of the many holy writings that form the foundation of our world’s religions, I have come to the conclusion that when two people choose to stand before their family and friends and profess their undying love for each other, it creates a holy space. 

When my words, and the words that the couple will speak to each other, allow everyone to share in this joy, then all of our lives are enriched, and we continue to grow towards becoming our better selves.


© Max Goelling 2018